Latest Feature Release

A new generic solver node that can iterate on virtually any data set and accumulate the results over multiple evaluations of the DG. Combine this with the new Resample and ResolvePointCollisions nodes allows you to create cool growth effects like expanding ice crystals and other morphing organic structures.

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Resample and ResolvePointCollisions

The new Resample node will insert new vertices (cells) into the input mesh from the solver node to ensure a uniform density, while the resolvePointCollisions will prevent any overlap to produce clean manifold geometry.

Previous Tools

Combined with a powerful solver and a flexible toolset, Mesh Fitting provides us
with the ability to deform any given mesh to closely approximate (fit) its input geometry, regardless of their topology. Add soft and hard links with weight maps if desired to control the deformation between the mesh objects and use advanced controls for even more precise results.

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High Resolution Human Anatomy

Tight, clean and uniform high resolution mesh topology that can be used as a starting point for
muscle simulations, character animation, reference and more.
Includes a skeletal system > internal organs > muscle layers and skin geometry.
Muscles and bones can be wrap deformed with the skin and then mesh-fitted altogether into
another biped character. Included are simulation friendly low-res triangulated and tetrahedralized representations of the muscle groups.

SOuP/OpenVDB -
An essential toolset for every Maya artist & studio!

Our products provide a vast framework that brings a tonne of new functionality to Maya. Based on the principles of a flexible, non-destructive procedural pipeline, this enables artists to achieve results impossible to accomplish with standard techniques, at the same time improve efficiency by minimizing the need to write computer code during production.

SOuP/OpenVDB integrates with most of Maya's existing architecture allowing modellers, texturers, animators and FX artists the control they need to build flexible shots which can be easily modified and updated when required.

We provide a large repository of scene examples to reverse engineer and a whole lot of videos to get you started, plus we have an active forum if you're looking for more specialised help.

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Hidden or forgotten tools buried deep inside SOuPs toolset menu.

This month we take a quick look at the icon designer, a nifty little tool that leverages Maya's OpenGL commands to create your own icons inside Maya. Create custom made elements or use pre-existing ones and build icons that can be used as animation controls for example.

The icon designer has 4 main tabs - FILE, ELEMENTS, ICONS and HELP. FILE enables you to load, save or create a new config file so you can save your custom made icons. ELEMENTS allow you to build basic OpenGL shapes which you then save and bring into your icons. The ICONS tab is where you build your final icons and save them out as curve objects ready to be used as transform controls.

For a comprehensive description on how the tool works, take a look at the HELP tab. You'll also find the relative API calls and classes used by Icon Designer there too. Hope you found that useful, as usual if you need any help you can find us on the forum.

See ya next month!

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