Quickly and effortlesly create and modify tiled geometry. This toolset provides all the bells and whistles one would expect from a modern day solution - fully procedural, decoupled tiles from grids, randomize position/rotation/UVs, conform to a non-flat walls, "cutters", Python API, etc.

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Marking menu on steroids, Smart Connect is a highly efficient, comprehensive and flexible connection editor right at your fingertips. Create node connections in a flash without the need to open any other editors inside Maya. Smart Connect provides an intelligent list of attributes based on node selection, it also allows you to connect more than 2 objects at the same time!
If you are constantly using the node or connection editors, then the Smart Connect tool is for you.

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Generate paths between vertices along the edges of mesh objects. Create simple expressions to select verts and combine with the group node to produce cool procedural effects. The node can output data that can be used in many different ways. Check it out!

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SOuP/OpenVDB -

Our products provide a vast framework that brings a tonne of new functionality to Maya. Based on the principles of a flexible, non-destructive procedural pipeline, this enables artists to achieve results impossible to accomplish with standard techniques, at the same time improve efficiency by minimizing the need to write computer code during production.

SOuP/OpenVDB integrates with most of Maya's existing architecture allowing modellers, texturers, animators and FX artists the control they need to build flexible shots which can be easily modified and updated when required.

We provide a large repository of scene examples to reverse engineer and a whole lot of videos to get you started, plus we have an active forum if you're looking for more specialised help.

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