SOuP-dev.com is place where artists and programmers can come together to discuss and share ideas. Its purpose is to build new tools and develop existing ones and make them widely available to the user base. With this in mind, we invite you to join our community.

SOuP is a collection of nodes for Maya that are based on the principles of building a flexible, non-destructive procedural pipeline. Many of the nodes are designed to work at component level allowing the artist to extract specific data, alter it and pass it on. Its this level of design that allows SOuP nodes to work seemlessly within Maya's existing architecture.

Learning SOuP gives you insight on the inner workings of the dependency graph and how data flows from one node to the next. This knowledge is very powerful and gives you the ability to create effects and solve problems more efficiently whether you are using SOuP or not.

SOuP is freely available to download from the tools page. There is also a collection of pre-built Maya scenes to help get you started.

The SOuP project is developed and supported by Peter Shipkov. Contributors include Jeremy Raven, Maxim Kotrolev, David Schoneveld, Sergey Tsyptsyn, Ivan Turgeon, David Corral, Jack Straw, Michael Tuttle, Alex Smolenchuk, Jerome Ledrole.
Evgeny Grebennikov develops and supports the OpenVDB plugins.

pointCloudBuilder - Quickly and effortlessly create and edit point clouds.

directionalDiffusion - Create organic looking structures.

kdTree - Fast querying for closest neighbors on KD-trees with mapping of arbitrary data from source to target point cloud.

collide - the "ultimate" geometry collision toolset.

OpenVDB plugins for Maya and Arnold.

contour deformer - shape the silhouette of mesh objects from given viewport perspective in an intuitive and effortless way

tetrahedralize - the old node have been rebuilt from scratch. The new one offers multiple methods for constrainted or conforming tetrahedralization, cellularization, triangulation, convex hull, tessellation and mesh reconstruction (remeshing) of arbitrary mesh geometry.

instanceManager - added border edges masking and ability to use selected objects as modifiers

mergeVectorArrays - merges multiple vector arrays

audioToArray - added explicit control over sample rate, number of channels, start/end frame (clipping range)

morph - target weights can go beyond the 0-1 range

blendShapesManager - threshold exposed in GUI, added new features for merging of maps and mirroring of targets

copier - copy-stamping of arbitrary data (as 4d arrays) exposed as input/output multi-array attributes

pointCloudFluidEmitter - added support for auto-resizing of fluid containers.



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