Rich toolset of sophisticated live data generators and modifiers that extend the procedural (and many other) capabilities of Maya.

Latest build: 2018/04/07

15 day trial period - requires an internet connection.


Comprehensive implementation of the OpenVDB library for Maya with rendering support for Arnold.

Latest build: 2018/04/18

15 day trial period - requires an internet connection.

License Type Period / Price
SOuP interactive standalone
SOuP interactive network
OVDB interactive standalone
OVDB interactive network
Batch FREE
Licenses are issued by email shortly after purchase.
Send email to with the next details included:
- purchase order
- for standalone licenses - host ids of the workstations that will run SOuP/OVDB
- for floating licenses - host id of the computer hosting the RLM license server
Check README.TXT included in the SOuP/OVDB downloadable archives for detailed instructions.

Note: As this is a digital download, there is no return policy.
Example scenes

Many of the nodes have scene examples to reverse engineer and learn how SOuP integrates with the Maya architecture.

Free download.



This is a preview version of a server-client model for motion capture with the Kinect sensor of biped skeletons and live streaming of the captured data to Maya.
The server is a standalone Windows application based on the original work of Yasutoshi MORI, with his generous permission.
The client is a plug-in node for Maya that can display, record, playback and convert to standard Maya joint skeletons the recorded data (bake animation per frame).

Latest build: 2011/10/29

Free download.

BlackBody radiation shader


Tai Komatsu has designed a blackbody shading tool in python for Maya fluids. If you dont know, blackbody shading is all about calculating color from temperature values, so now you dont have to try and guess these values yourself - its all done for you! Follow the download link to Tai\'s Github page where you\'ll find all the information you need to get started. Happy fluids!

Go to GitHub

There are so many rigging systems for Maya already, what makes this one any different ?

  1. VFX/Games production ready, yet clean and simple.
  2. Very fast. For comparison - full featured FRW rig is on par or faster than HumanIK in its most basic form.
  3. Simple and (because of that) scalable codebase.
    Basic MEL commands only - create/parent/rename nodes and create/set/connect attributes. No OOP, interdependencies,
    C++ API calls, external libraries, plug-ins.
video tutorial - basic workflow and tools
video tutorial - custom OpenGL controls

Latest update: 2018/03/10

Free download.

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