SOuP is a set of plug-ins that extend the procedural (and other) capabilities of Maya. It includes sophisticated "live" data generators and modifiers that operate on standard Maya geometry and compliment it by introducing additional bits of data if needed. These tools can be very useful for wide array of tasks including complex effects, advanced characters, modeling, texturing and many others.

Latest build: 2017/03/21
Supported operating systems: Linux, Windows, OSX
Supported Maya versions: 2016, 2016.5, 2017


Old builds
Supported operating systems: Linux, Windows, OSX
Supported Maya versions: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014



SOuP channel at: - Matt Estela's startup kit for SOuP - Jimmy Gunawan got blog spot full of soup recipes - Many well done video tutorials by Nero Black. They are in chinese but easy to fallow by anyone. - bounding objects and group nodes, by Dave Schoneveld - upresFluid examples, by Dave Schoneveld - upresFluid video tutorial, by Dave Schoneveld - procedural shattering of geometry, by Jimmy Gunawan - procedural modeling, by Federico Cascinelli
Multi-scale, Multi-physics Heart Simulator UT-Heart - impressive visuals by Hirofumi Seo (Kakushi_52)
dynamic skin peeling and destruction - by Federico Cascinelli
Interactive and non-destructive beveling - by Mickeal Alex
Geometry shattering tutorial by SimplyMaya

Example scenes

The archive includes over 100 example scenes to dissect and learn from. You can use them as starting point, or integrate selected bits only into your project.

Open VDB for Maya and Arnold

Big credit goes to Evgeny Grebennikov for providing his work to the SOuP community.
Video tutorials:

Supported operating systems: Linux, Windows
Supported Maya versions: 2016, 2016.5, 2017

BlackBody radiation

Tai Komatsu has designed a blackbody shading tool in python for Maya fluids. If you dont know, blackbody shading is all about calculating color from temperature values, so now you dont have to try and guess these values yourself - its all done for you! Follow the download link to Tai's Github page where you'll find all the information you need to get started. Happy fluids!


This is a preview version of a server-client model for motion capture with the Kinect sensor of biped skeletons and live streaming of the captured data to Maya.
The server is a standalone Windows application based on the original work of Yasutoshi MORI (, with his generous permission.
The client is a plug-in node for Maya that can display, record, playback and convert to standard Maya joint skeletons the recorded data (bake animation per frame).

Latest build: 2011/10/29
Supported operating systems: Windows
Supported Maya versions: 2009-x32, 2011-x32

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